Thursday, October 16, 2014

Local Third Graders Visit the Goff House and Win Candy!

And the winner is! Memorial School Third Grader Thomas Fenton who guessed that there were 685 pieces  of candy in our glass pumpkin jar. The estimation contest was an activity the members of the Joseph N. Goff House board offered, when Thomas and all of his fellow third graders stopped by the museum during their tour of East Hampton on Oct. 10. The actual number of candy pieced in the jar was 677, so Thomas was only 8 off! Special mentions go to Kyle Carillon who were so close with a guess of 650; Charlotte Minnick, who guessed 627; Brooke Adams, who guessed 613 and Liam Owen who guessed 600. Good job everyone and thank you for taking part in the tour and the candy guess.

Our Joseph N. Goff House greeter Monica Kangley said the visits were wonderful, the children so well behaved and interested in everything about the museum - the big bell outside, the stairs to nowhere,  the history of the building, the museum's exhibit on Tourism in East Hampton and of course the candy.

The Joseph N. Goff House board members are so thankful to have had the chance for the museum to be a part of the student's tour of East Hampton and we love the thank you letters so many of the children took the time to write us. We will hang them in the museum for everyone to enjoy.

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